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From the Embedded World Show 2014 - STM32 F4 : enhanced GUIs with minimum resources overhead
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-03-11 11:01 - 6,291 views
STM32F4 series enables both real time processing and enhanced graphical user interface within the same microcontroller. thanks to the Chrom-ART™,ST proprietary hardware graphical acceleration, it is now possible to enjoy more graphical capabilities with less CPU load. Find out more information:
From the Embedded World Show 2014 - Upgrade your application with STM32 F3
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-03-11 10:57 - 5,953 views
The STM32 F3 is an upgraded version of the STM32F1 serie. It comes with Cortex®-M4 and a deployment aligned with the F1. The STM32 F3 is capable of addressing complex mixed signal issues thanks to the Cortex-M4 core, the FPU and DSP instruction set. It carries advanced peripherals such as the comparators, Op. amps, fast and precise ADC to implement electronic control loop is the best way. Bitcraze have used these characteristics to build their development platform with the quadcopter. The sensor fusion is made possible with the performance of the STM32 F3.Find more information:
From the Embedded World Show 2014 - STM32 F0 in Artificial Intelligence car with Anki Drive™
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-03-11 10:55 - 6,357 views
Find out more information: http://www.st.com/stm32f0 The STM32 F0 integrated in the Anki drive cars is used to receive data of the Artificial Intelligence developed on IOS. Thanks to the 48 MHz clock speed and the DMA, the STM32 F0 is continuously connected to the A.I. through the Bluetooth interface in order to control the car autonomously. The STM32 F0 covers a lot of application, stepping into the 8-bit world as demonstrated by our last announcement (32-bit at 32 cents) 32-bit at 32 cents, STM32, STM32 F0, 48 MHz, DMA, Anki drive, Anki cars, releasing your creativity, Cortex-M0, entry-level
From the Embedded World Show 2014 - STM32Cube : making STM32 development easier
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-03-11 10:54 - 6,962 views
With STM32Cube software, configure easily your STM32, and generate code depending on your configuration choices. Then, take benefit from the all-in-one embedded software offer, from low level drivers ensuring high portability between STM32 microcontrollers, to a consistent middleware offer including RTOS, USB, TCP/IP, Graphics and File System. Sitting on top of STM32Cube offer, you can write down your own application, allocating your efforts on what brings added-value to you ! Then just sit back and relax ! Find out more information: http://www.st.com/stm32cube
TSX amplifiers family
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-03-10 15:22 - 6,640 views
TSX amplifiers family Allowing users to get the best performance with the appropriate accuracy Find out more information: www.st.com/opamps
Product overview - STM32Cube making STM32 development easier
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-03-10 13:49 - 6,084 views
STM32Cube™ , a new free software from ST, is simplifying development on STM32, through a consistent set of softwares: STM32CubeMX, software tool on the PC, not only helping user to configure his STM32, but also generating initialization code, and also a collection of embedded software bricks, abstracting the used STM32 and coming with tons of usage examples ! Find out more at: www.st.com/STM32cube
Getting started with CoIDE from CooCox
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-03-07 17:30 - 9,994 views
With CooCox CoIDE, STMicroelectronics offers a simple and free integrated development environment to build your application. This getting started based on the entry level STM32 F0 series shows how easy it is to build your own firmware with STMicroelectronics STM32 ARM® Cortex™-M microcontrollers. Developing an application has never been so accessible with CooCox and STM32. CoIDE supports the complete STM32 ARM Cortex-M portfolio and associated target boards. Find out more at: www.coocox.org
Protecting circuits against surges, an introduction
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-02-12 13:53 - 5,274 views
Introduction to surges -- EOS and ESD -- with surge definition, standards, effects and root causes, for selection of the appropriate protection type. Find out more at: www.st.com/protection.
Introducing the STLux385a, digital power control for LED lighting
by STMicroelectronics - 2014-01-27 14:47 - 4,898 views
The STLux385a utilizes a new approach to digital power control. Using an event driven state machine that can be triggered by an internal time event or external events, like peak current detection, to control the PWM outputs provides a lot of flexibility in the control. For more information, please visit : www.st.com/STLUX
Moisture-resistant 50 V RF DMOS transistors
by STMicroelectronics - 2013-12-18 14:28 - 14,972 views
Find out more at www.st.com/mr-50v-rfdmos Thanks to the gel-filled package, the 150 W SD2931-12MR and the 300 W SD4933MR provide a cost-effective solution for industrial applications operating in high moisture environments

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