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LED MR16 Bulbs
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 15:12 - 10,119 views
LED MR16 Bulbs in a National Electronic Retail Store Display Case. MR16-styled LED bulbs: High-powered White MR16 TrackLEDs.™ These new LED bulbs have two big advantages over other MR16 LED bulbs. First, they are engineered to handle the variations in voltages that may accompany "noisy" or "dirty" AC or DC power supplies, eliminating burnout from incoming voltage that are higher than the lamp's capacity. Second, the new MR16 LEDs remove the need to stock a variety of MR16 LED bulbs to coordinate with different voltages that may present with 12V -- 24V DC power supplies, simplifying procurement and inventory procedures. http://www.ledtronics.com/ds/mr16-42acdc
World Business Review ON LEDs
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 15:05 - 8,880 views
General Norman Schwarzkopf interviews LEDtronics on LED and The Future of Lighting.
LED Candle, No Flame no Fire, Safe...
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 15:05 - 9,081 views
LED Candle, No Flame no Fire, Safe Product Page: http://www.ledtronics.com/ds/LED-CAND... Flame flickers like real candle • No smoke or carcinogens to worry about • No fire hazard or burning • No hot wax to deal with • No flame to blow out in the wind • Typical LED lifetime 100,000 hours • Comes with frosted candle holders • LED and battery case is ABS plastic • Small on/off switch Sold in a set of 5 LED Candles for $25.00 plus shipping. http://www.ledtronics.com (more)
LED Tester
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 15:04 - 9,885 views
LED Tester TestLED, an instrument that makes verifying individual discrete LEDs fast, safe and easy. Now, without soldering wires or needing a power supply, it's easy to determine if LEDs work. Simply insert the leads into the ports located beneath the appropriate current (mA) then press the button. It's that simple! If the LED lights, it's ok. If it doesn't, it's no good. TestLED accommodates a total of 11 discrete LEDs and features six different current ports: 2mA, 5mA, 10mA, 20mA, 30mA and 50mA. There are three 20mA ports, four 10mA ports and one each for the remaining currents. Three additional ports are configured for different combinations of anodes and cathodes enabling the testing of tri-color LEDs. With a footprint roughly the size of a garage door opener and powered by a 9V battery, this device can be carried in the pocket of clean room smock, a toolbox or briefcase. Users will find TestLED an indispensable tool for manufacturing lines, quality assurance labs or inspection stations. Made of durable plastic, TestLED is built to perform in the most strenuous manufacturing environments and field conditions. Product Page:
Patented StackLED® LED Lamps (LEDtronics)
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 15:03 - 8,870 views
Patented StackLED® LED Lamps (LEDtronics) Bridge the Man- Machine Interface StackLED® (U.S. patent 404,506) LED lamps for process control and machine status indicator stack light towers. Bright, reliable and cost-effective, StackLED lamps emit intense visible light to bridge the man-machine interface. StackLED lamps are plug-compatible with most major manufacturers' stack light towers, require no modification to the indicator column, and can be used with flasher circuits. With a typical operating life measured in years not hours, StackLED lamps provide major cost savings along with non- interrupted information flow. Incorporating state-of-the-art LED (light emitting diode) technology and solid-state design, StackLED lamps withstand the mechanical (vibrations) and electrical stresses (fluctuations) that exist in the environments where vertical indicator towers are commonly used. StackLED lamps are ideal for conveyor systems, pick-and-place assemblers, automated surface mount machines, process control lines and high noise industrial environments. StackLED lamp packages size range from .86- inches wide by 1.80-inches to 1.30-inches wide by 2.0-i...
Sunlight-Visible Linear Bargraph LEDs Improve the Visual Display and Transfer of Information
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 14:59 - 7,643 views
Sunlight-Visible Linear Bargraph LEDs Improve the Visual Display and Transfer of Information sunlight-visible Linear Bargraph LEDs that simplify the organization of instrumentation and improve the visual transfer of information displayed on aviation instrument panels, temperature gauges, automotive instrument panels, volume levels, ultraviolet meters, audio/video indicators, etc. . . . Linear Bargraph LEDs are offered in two intensities: (1) Standard and (2) Super. Standard Intensity LEDs come in Ultra-Red (660nm at 20mA), High-Efficiency Red (635nm at 20mA), Yellow (585nm at 20mA) and High-Efficiency Green (565nm at20mA). Super Intensity LEDs are available in three colors: (1) Super Orange (630nm at 20mA), Super Yellow (592nm at 20mA) and Aqua Green (523nm at 20mA). Choose from 5-LED, 10-LED and 15-LED segments. For each LED in the segment, there is a single common contact point for negative (Cathode) and one contact point for each LED positive (Anode). LED Bargraphs make excellent choices for a wide range of displays, fault or status indicators that require easy-to-read readouts such as those that indicate low, safe, hot or cold and ov...
LED Traffic Lights
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 14:55 - 9,055 views
LED Traffic Lights LEDtronics® announces 12-inch (300mm) Type 1 and Type 2 TrafficLED™ direct incandescent replacement lamps designed to accommodate pre-existing traffic signal enclosures. Using Indium Gallium Aluminum Phosphide (InGaAlP) and Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, LEDtronics TrafficLEDs emit dazzling light through an optically optimized lens that disperses light uniformly across the entire face of the lamp. LEDtronics Type 1 and Type 2 Red and Green 12-inch LED traffic lamps meet ITE specifications and have Caltrans approval. Type 1 lamps require modifications (i.e., hard wiring the lamp) to retrofit existing traffic housings. Type 2 lamps feature male 25mm Edison bases that simply screw into a socket. With power draws of just 10 Watts - 12 Watts, TrafficLEDs saves 80% - 90% of energy costs compared to an equivalent incandescent lamp. Such enormous energy savings alone repay the capital outlay in less than three years! The savings don't end with energy consumption. LED signals last much longer than incandescent signals, reduce relamping and routine maintenance, and lower liability costs fo...
LED Beacon Warning Bulbs
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 14:41 - 8,209 views
LED Beacon Warning Bulbs LEDtronics® rolls out an eight-tiered BeaconLEDä Safety Warning LED Lamp (U.S. Patent # 405,201). This direct incandescent replacement BeaconLED features eight tiers (96 beams) of LEDs that produce a brilliant 360° glow for visually indicating warnings and hazards in high noise environments where audible signals may be hard to hear. A multipurpose awareness device, BeaconLED is ideal for loading docks, automated industrial facilities, pedestrian walkways, security parking-lot alerts, etc.... With a 25mm Edison screw base, no modifications are needed to incorporate BeaconLED into standard beacon light fixtures. Additionally, BeaconLED can be configured for flasher-circuit applications. BeaconLED supports all common lamp sockets and comes in all standard LED colors, voltages and lamp bases. BeaconLED is available in high and low profile assemblies, 9mm, 15mm single- and dual-contact bayonet, 25mm screw base, candelabra screw, and intermediate S11 or S14 screw bases. BeaconLED comes in all standard voltages (24v, 120v and 230v) AC or DC as well as AC/DC bipolar. Choose from sunlight-visible colored LEDs: Red (660 nm...
LED Strip Lights
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 14:39 - 8,732 views
LED Strip Lights Series STP50XC Super White Inter-Connectable 5mm LED Light Strips that may be used alone or connected to one another, making it easy to configure lighting solutions for channel, reverse-channel letters, signs, displays, under-the-counter, cove lighting, desk, workbench, and architectural applications. Available in lengths of 6- inches, 12-inches and 24-inches, these light strips feature LEDtronics' 5mm Dome LEDs in 7000K and 3000K. The STP506 is 6-inches in length and uses 1.08 Watts. The 7000K versions provide 54 lumens, 202 Foot-Candles (fc), with viewing angles of 15° while the 3000K models provide 32 lumens, 70fc, with viewing angles of 20°. The STP512 is a 12-inch model that uses 2.52 Watts. The 7000K emit 472fc and provide 126 lumens with viewing angles of 15° while the 3000K emit 164fc and provide 76 lumens at viewing angles of 20°. The STP524 is a 24-inch model that uses 5.40 Watts. The 7000K emit 1012fc and provide 270 lumens with viewing angles of 15°. The 3000K units emit 351fc and 162 lumens at a 20° viewing angles. Each module has a double-ended connector harness for easy daisy- chain assembly, and a pre-app...
LED Exit Sign Light Kits
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-23 14:31 - 8,786 views
LED Exit Sign Light Kits direct incandescent replacement EXL Series Exit Sign LED Lamp Kit that makes it easy to switch from inefficient incandescents to energy-saving LED lamps. Containing two colored (either red or green) diffuser panels and two color-coordinated LED lamps, the EXL Series Exit Sign Kit puts convenience and cost-savings in one package. EXL Series LED lamps consume less than 1.5W per lamp pair, representing an 80% - 90% savings over a pair of equivalent incandescent lamps! For facility managers concerned with lowering and containing costs, EXL Series Lamps saves approximately $25 - $30 annually (based on $.07 per kilowatt/hour) in energy costs. Multiply that figure by the number of exits in a building or on a campus, and the money saved is significant. While complying with UL924 light output requirements, EXL Series LED Lamps fit most standard exit sign fixtures (single or double- sided) without requiring modifications, adapters or rewiring. They are available in Edison 15mm DC bayonet base, Edison 15mm intermediate screw base and candelabra screw base. The EXL Series LED lamps operate on 120 volts, AC or DC and draw less ...

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