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LEDtronics: One Stop for All Your LED Lighting Needs
by LEDtronics - 2014-11-12 17:16 - 8,194 views
Why should YOU choose LEDtronics for your lighting solutions? Quality products, quality service. Quality... That's what LEDtronics is all about! LEDtronics has been in the LED business for over three DECADES! We provide our products to 80 percent of the Fortune 500, including industries, markets, fields, applications and customers of all sorts! We offer a wide range of products--about 10,000! Our over 30 years of LED expertise, experience, and knowledge operating in the USA allow us to provide superior quality products and superior quality service! Replace your old-technology lighting with our energy-efficient LED lighting! Not only will you save a lot of energy, you'll also be saving money over the long life of our LED product after a short ROI period! We make only the best quality LED products, and we offer excellent customer service! Give us a call and tell us about your lighting needs! www.LEDtronics.com PH: (800) 579-4875 For more information, please visit us at: http://www.LEDtronics.com Please subscribe to our YouTube channel, and connect with us on our other social sites:
LEDtronics Wall Packs, Shoeboxes & Canopy Lights
by LEDtronics - 2014-09-25 10:13 - 6,990 views
Mark and Cristal showcase LEDtronics' latest technology LED Wall Packs, Shoeboxes & Canopy Lights. Learn from our experts why LEDtronics is the best choice for replacing old, inefficient technology lighting with energy efficient LEDs! Contact us! http://www.LEDtronics.com (800) 579-4875 info@ledtronics.com
NRG Power Plant, El Segundo, CA, with LEDtronics Modular LED Streetlights
by LEDtronics - 2014-09-24 15:46 - 7,117 views
NRG Power Plant, El Segundo, CA, with LEDtronics LED modular Streetlights Replacing 250 Watt HPS lights with 95 Watt LED Long-Life LED Streetlights Fixtures along the bike and pedestrian path Press Release Application Story; www.ledtronics.com/Media/PressReleases.a­spx?pressID=251
LEDtronics Post Tops & Street Lights
by LEDtronics - 2014-06-10 17:17 - 6,775 views
Mark and Cristal showcase LEDtronics' latest technology LED Post Tops and Street Lights. Learn from our experts why LEDtronics is the best choice for replacing old, inefficient technology lighting with energy efficient LEDs! Product link: http://www.ledtronics.com/outdoor_led_lighting.aspx Contact us! http://www.LEDtronics.com (800) 579-4875 info@ledtronics.com
LEDtronics Did You Know Episode 14: LEDtronics Lights the Way to Security Solutions 2
by LEDtronics - 2013-08-16 14:37 - 12,474 views
LEDtronics Lights the Way to Security Solutions Did you know LEDtronics lighting technology provides a security solution that reduces crime incident levels, and also provides a substantial return on investment due to the reduction of energy consumption and maintenance? Analysis by the National Crime Prevention Council showed that on average a 20% reduction in crime was seen in areas with improved lighting. According to the council - residential and commercial outdoor lighting if properly utilized can prevent crime by: Surveillance Deterrence Detection Liability and fear reduction Unlike traditional lighting, LED lighting allows for light to be directionally focused on a specific target area. Our brighter and cleaner LED lights eliminate flicker and allow for easier identification of anyone performing a criminal act. This enhances the ability of private security and public law enforcement to observe and react to potential criminal activity, to solve crimes and identify perpetrators. "Lighting Up for Crime Prevention" a paper by the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University, states that using light to eliminate dark hiding s...
Torrance CitiCABLE; LA Memorial Coliseum Sign upgrades to LED T8 Tube Lights
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-24 11:38 - 8,230 views
Every day, more than 300,000 motorists pass by the electronic sign alongside Interstate 110 that announces coming events at the Los Angeles Coliseum and the Sports Arena — the venue listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks and the only stadium to host two Olympic Games (1932 and 1984), two Super Bowls (including the first, in 1967), a World Series and a host of major concerts as well as mass political and religious events. Pervaiz Lodhie was one of those motorists some months ago, driving up the Harbor Freeway, just south of downtown Los Angeles. "This is an iconic marquee on a key north-south transportation corridor that connects Los Angeles' central business district and the Port of Los Angeles," remarks Mr. Lodhie. "And yet, since the last Olympics, I've seen the sign deteriorate in light quality, consistency and brightness." He should know. Mr. Lodhie is founder and president of LEDtronics, one of the first solid-state lighting design and manufacturing companies in the country. He has driven past the freeway sign since the days before the 1984 Olympics, when he commuted to California State University's Los Angeles campus...
Pasadena City Hall and surrounding neighborhoods street lighting with LED ACorn Post Top Bulbs
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-24 11:35 - 9,136 views
Pasadena City Hall Civic Center and surrounding neighborhoods street lighting with LEDtronics LED ACorn Post Top Bulbs. LED Post Top Lights, for Acorns, Globes, Pendants. LED ACorn Post Top Bulbs Only use 27 Watts of power and Replaces up to 150W Metal Halide or HPS bulbs. Product web link; http://www.ledtronics.com/Products/Pr...
Light Viewing, Episode 2: How LEDtronics protects the masterpieces
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-24 11:34 - 7,340 views
Every museum and gallery relies on specific lighting techniques to properly showcase an artists' work or a historical artifact. The lighting must be designed methodically to offer the best possible appearance to the guests without degrading the article in any way. Historically museums and galleries have used incandescent light bulbs as means for illuminating their exhibits. However technology has progressed significantly since incandescent bulbs were introduced. LEDtronics has been at the forefront of this innovation since well before the LED bulb made its debut in museums and galleries. LED technology offers a myriad of benefits for museums and galleries alike. The LED bulb is far more efficient than conventional lighting technologies like incandescent. So efficient in fact that by using LED bulbs there is potential to cut energy costs in half. Maintenance is also a concern, as the constant swapping of spent bulbs is extremely time consuming and expensive. With 50,000 hours of rated life span, LEDtronics LED bulbs will save time and money. And because LEDs will grow dimmer after their life cycle...you will avoid unsightly burn outs. Perhap...
Light Viewing Episode 1: What Makes Solid State LED the Best Lighting Solution Around?
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-24 11:33 - 7,277 views
Since long before the light bulb was ever in existence humans have relied on lighting as one of the necessary components of life. As time has progressed we have innovated new ways to meet the rapidly growing need for more light. For over 100 years we have utilized incandescent lamps to provide illumination for our daily lives. However this growing demand has necessitated an improvement to the technology and solid state LED has answered the call. The United States is facing many unique and complex challenges, according to the Department of Energy, including "revitalizing our economy, strengthening our energy security, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions." They go on to say that "solid state lighting is an emerging technology with the potential to address all three of these challenges. LED itself is not a new technology, as they have been used for indicators and other small uses for many years. But using LEDs as sources of lighting is a relatively new concept, and the technology is progressing rapidly. Lighting currently consumes 13% of all energy in the United States. Solid state lighting promises ten times the efficiency of incandesce...
LEDtronics Did You Know Episode 11: LEDtronics has a USA based manufacturing facility
by LEDtronics - 2013-05-24 11:27 - 8,144 views
LEDtronics has been manufacturing LED lighting in the United States for over 30 years. Often LED manufacturers claim to be based in the USA, but in reality they may only have a sales or distribution facility. Our USA based facility follows the strict guidelines of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Section 1605, on designated USA Made products. This applies to many of our popular products such as the T8 tube light, street lighting, and post-top lamps. Being based in the United States allows us to provide far more effective service and technical support than our overseas competitors. When purchasing lighting products from overseas suppliers one generally must settle for many unknowns. By utilizing LEDtronics for your lighting needs you have the advantage of onsite engineering; especially useful for applications requiring retro-fitting. In addition you have the peace of mind of on-site assistance and a USA based customer service. Don't subject your project to the risks of overseas suppliers. LEDtronics has been operating in the US since 1983, and strives to not only fulfill our customer's current needs...but anticipate their future ...

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