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Infineon´s 24GHz Radar Solutions - Infineon Technologies
by Infineon - 2014-03-28 15:44 - 5,125 views
You can use Infineon 24GHz radar in a smart way to track objects -- moving or static -- and detect the direction/angle, the speed/velocity and the range/distance to the target. The covered area will be 10x times bigger than with other technologies like Passive Infrared. This is a great value for applications like intelligent lighting, door opener, intruder alarm or road/rail intersections. Customers have the advantage of easy-to-use, lower assembly cost and smaller size with the fully integrated transceiver BGT24.
New Family of single-rail Switch Mode Power Supplies reduce PCB-space - Infineon Technologies
by Infineon - 2014-03-28 15:44 - 4,088 views
This video introduces the new TLF502x1-family of Infineon's automotive switch-mode power supplies. They are able to deliver up to 500mA with ultra-low current consumption. The design was performed to minimize the need of external components by integrated compensation and soft-start. Operation at high switching frequencies around 2.2MHz reduces coil and output capacitor size. The pin-compatible family approach provides devices with various features like ENABLE, RESET with adjustable threshold, and WATCHDOG with adjustable timing.
Introduction of the New Automotive DC/DC Controller - Infineon Technologies
by Infineon - 2014-03-28 15:42 - 3,806 views
The TLF51801 is an AEC-qualified high current buck-controller providing an adjustable output voltage. The controller is capable to drive external power MOSFETs for load currents up to 10A. The current limitation can be realized either by sensing an external shunt resistor or by sensing the RDS(on) of the HS-switch reducing external components. Very low drop-out operation is achieved by a maximum duty-cycle of more than 99%. The adjustable switching frequency in the range of 100 to 700kHz can be synchronized to an external clock. An Enable-feature allows very low shutdown current consumption. TLF51801 is coming in a small, thermal enhanced SSOP-14 exposed-pad package (RoHS).
CIPURSE™ live at CARTES 2013 | Part 4 of 4 -- Premiere of Infineon's interactive CIPURSE demo
by Infineon - 2014-03-06 12:14 - 3,502 views
One of the major topics with Infineon this year is CIPURSE, the only truly open standard for secure automatic fare collection -- and beyond. For transport operators, consultants and system integrators, all decision-makers and influencers of public transport schemes, as well as governmental agencies, banks and everyone who is interested in learning more about CIPURSE, Infineon created an interactive CIPURSE demo to illustrate all the benefit s and values this open global standard offers. Learn more about how to get a full CIPURSE™ live demo at your location! as truly open security standard supports seamless integration into multi-application solutions. Please just get in touch with your Infineon contact to arrange a meeting or send an eMail to: cipurse@infineon.com
CIPURSE™ live at CARTES 2013 | Part 3 of 4 - Interview with Laurent Cremer, OSPT Alliance
by Infineon - 2014-03-06 12:13 - 2,896 views
The OSPT Alliance is an international association chartered to defining the open standard for secure transit fare collection solutions -- CIPURSE™. It provides industry education, creates work group opportunities and catalyzes the development and adoption of innovative fare collection technologies, applications and services. The OSPT Alliance was founded by leading technology companies, and membership is open to technology providers, transit operators, consultants, solution vendors, government agencies and other stakeholders in the transit ecosystem. Learn more about the latest achievements realized with and for CIPURSE™ - the open and global security standard for secure contactless transport ticketing applications and beyond.
CIPURSE™ at CARTES 2013 | Part 2 of 4 - Interview with Björn Scharfen, Infineon Technologies
by Infineon - 2014-03-06 12:12 - 3,108 views
Today we see applications which require dedicated cards. On the other hand the share of so called multi-application cards is perceptibly growing, driven by an OCFA (one card fits all) approach. Performance and convenience are the drivers and market needs for applications like Transport, Micropayment, ID, Mobile Payment & others. Learn more about how CIPURSE™ as truly open security standard supports seamless integration into multi-application solutions.
CIPURSE™ at CARTES 2013 | Part 1 of 4 - Interview with Dr. Stefan Hofschen, Infineon Technologies
by Infineon - 2014-03-06 12:11 - 3,405 views
The mobile society is driven by ever more connectivity. Distributed, connected and mobile devices are becoming more vulnerable to security attacks than ever before. Requirements for safety, privacy and investment protection have strongly increased (e.g. fraud, critical infrastructure, IP protection). Learn more about Infineon's hardware-based security solutions based on the open standard CIPURSE™.
300W Motor Control Application Kit
by Infineon - 2014-03-06 11:55 - 3,926 views
The 300W Motor Control Evaluation Board represents Infineon's solution for low power motor control applications such power tools or electric bikes with an input voltage of 18-24VDC. This high efficiency inverter application kit features the latest OptiMOS™ technology from Infineon including the microcontroller and gate driver.
DrBlade Soldering Process
by Infineon - 2014-03-06 11:54 - 3,937 views
In this technical video, an Infineon expert shows how to properly solder Infineon's DrBlade package. The DrBlade package, based on the revolutionary Blade chip embedding technology, contains an integrated driver and MOSFET halfbridge. DrBlade is optimized for DC/DC voltage regulation applications in computing and telecom, including Blade and Rack servers, PC-motherboards, notebooks and gaming machines.
Infineon engineers in Graz develop cutting edge contactless technology
by Infineon - 2013-12-17 10:37 - 3,866 views
Take a glance at the high-tech labs of Infineon in Graz: highly sophisticated engineers innovate contactless technology for smart card applications that change our daily life.

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