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PROFET+: Highest Design Flexibility in the Market
by Infineon - 2013-06-28 16:26 - 2,619 views
Infineon launches its next generation of discrete smart high-side switches -- PROFET™+. The family is designed to drive light bulbs and LEDs in the harsh automotive environment but can also be used for industrial applications. The devices provide state-of-the-art diagnostics and protection features. Their high current sense accuracy (kILIS) is able to diagnose even the smallest loads, such as LEDs. The very high short-circuit robustness across the whole family sets the market benchmark. Infineon is the first company to specify the short- circuit robustness of a device in the datasheet. 100k cycles SC robustness (PROFET™+ 12V) is a factor 200 improvement towards today's smart high-side drivers in the market. Based on the identical footprint of its packages, maximum design flexibility is provided, allowing loads and devices to be changed without major modification of the board layout.
600V CoolMOS™ P6 Power Mosfet: Performance Comparison and Conclusion
by Infineon - 2013-06-07 10:18 - 2,951 views
With the CoolMOS™ P6 Infineon extends its market leading CoolMOS™ portfolio, setting new benchmarks in the price/performance Superjunction segment. The new and highly innovative product family is designed to enable higher system efficiency whilst being easy to design in. With its granular portfolio, the CoolMOS™ P6 family offers the best price/performance ratio of any Superjunction technology available on the market today.
Magnetic Position Sensors in Automotive and Industrial Applications
by Infineon - 2013-06-07 10:09 - 2,755 views
Learn More about Magnetic Sensor http://www.infineon.com/magnetic-sens... Introduction into Magnetic Position Sensor Markets for ATV and I applications; presentation of IFX Hall Switch and Angle Sensor Product Families.
3D Image Sensor - Best performance
by Infineon - 2013-06-05 16:18 - 3,205 views
Optimized ToF process for best infra-red photo sensitivity and contrast pmdtechnologies ToF pixel architecture including Suppression of Background Illumination (SBI) Shortest readout time Continuous image frame rate up to 100fps Intelligent sequence controller for autonomous imaging phase schemes and optimized duty cycling
3D Image Sensor - Highest functionality and flexibility
by Infineon - 2013-06-05 16:18 - 2,748 views
Dynamically configurable during operation via I2C Product variants for QQVGA and CIF lateral resolution: QQVGA: 160 x 120 pixel (19k pixel) CIF: 352 x 288 pixel (100k pixel) Configurable region-of interest (ROI) Binning of pixels in groups
3D Image Sensor - Highest level of integration
by Infineon - 2013-06-05 16:17 - 3,623 views
On-chip A/D converter for full digital readout Integrated controller and logic for illumination control, pixel matrix modulation and autonomous imaging phase sequences Illumination control interfaces (LVDS and full swing single ended) Digital high speed data-output interfaces (parallel and serial)
DAVE™ Installation
by Infineon - 2013-06-04 16:13 - 3,003 views
This video guides you through the installation process of DAVE™ version 3.1.6. Dave ™ is a free development platform for Infineon's microcontroller. The Eclipse based IDE includes a compiler, debugger and Flash downloader. It has no restrictions in code size and provides a code generator for low level peripheral drivers as well as for complete application like graphical user interfaces, motor control or a USB Virtual COM port. After installation please also watch the video: Take your first steps with DAVE™.
Take your first steps with DAVE™
by Infineon - 2013-06-04 16:13 - 2,973 views
This video gives useful hints in the use of DAVE™ and shows how to create the 1st project in order to test the correct installation of DAVE™.
TO-Leadless (TOLL): Package for High Current Applications
by Infineon - 2013-05-22 17:24 - 3,142 views
The new TO-Leadless package is optimized for high current applications, such as Forklift, Light Electric Vehicles (LEV), PoL (Point of Load), efuse and Telecom. This new package is a perfect solution for high power applications where highest efficiency, outstanding EMI behaviour as well as best thermal behaviour and space reduction are required.
CoolMOS™ C7 - Performance and Design Guidelines
by Infineon - 2013-05-22 17:12 - 2,751 views
With the new 650V CoolMOS™ C7 series Infineon brings a new level of performance in hard switching applications such as Power Factor Correction (PFC). It is the successor to the CP series and provides efficiency benefits across the whole load range through balancing a number of key parameters. The Best-in-Class RDS(on) leads to increased full load efficiency and improves on our already Best-in-Class CoolMOS™ C6 parts in TO-220 and establishes clear leadership in TO-247. EOSS reduction brings efficiency benefits at light load and the low Qg correlates to faster switching and lower Eon and Eoff which gives efficiency benefits across the whole load range.

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