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Freescale's Programmable Wireless Charging Solutions
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 14:36 - 7,170 views
Freescale's Randy Ryder shares more on the wireless charging space, its many forms and the innovative solutions from Freescale. Related Link: http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/application.jsp?code=APLWIRCHA&tid=vanwirelesscharging
McLaren NASCAR ECU Based on Power Architecture MCU - Use Case
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 14:35 - 7,146 views
Designed specifically for NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars, the McLaren TAG-400N controls eight-cylinder race engines with Freescale Power Architecture MCUs at its core. A variant of the TAG-400 has been used by the Indy Racing League (IRL) since 2007, proof of the ECU's proven security and reliability. Freescale is proud to be the Official Technology Partner of McLaren Electronics, the world leader in control electronics for the professional motorsports industry. Related Link: Gasoline Engine Management | Freescale Application http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/application.jsp?code=APLENGINECONTROL
Septic Sitter: Septic Tank & Drainfield Monitor & Alert System
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 14:28 - 8,003 views
The Internet of Things goes underground with Septic Sitter. Undetected drainfield overloading can result in costly and hazardous sewage system back-ups or breakout on the ground surface. The cost to rehabilitate a severely failed sewage system can be many times higher than detecting and fixing problems early. Septic Sitter monitors the liquid levels in a sewage trench. By tracking the levels, you can detect potential problems well before they occur, saving a lot of money. Septic Sitter connects to the Internet to provide with real-time feedback. See more about Septic Sitter at http://dynamicmonitors.com/products/septic-sitter/ This demo is featured on Freescale’s Internet of Tomorrow Tour, driving the IoT to you. Tour dates @ http://freescale.com/IoT/Tour
Internet of Tomorrow: Tour Innovation Space
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 11:47 - 7,447 views
Ready to make? Freescale's Iain Galloway highlights a few boards in our Innovation Space, including the Hummingboard, littleBits, Udoo and Wandboard. Join us on the Internet of Tomorrow Tour, and you'll see even more development boards, single board computers, system on modules, and reference designs. You can also consult with Freescale on how you might approach your next design project. More info on tour dates is at http://freescale.com/IoT/Tour
Securing Smart City Infrastructure / Green Hills Software / #IoTtour #DrivingIoT
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 11:46 - 6,702 views
With IoT, municipalities are controlling our infrastructure via the Internet and what was once physically secure is now open to attack. Using the Green Hills crypto toolkit and Integrity RTOS on Freescale's crypto platform, a secure firewall can enable our infrastructure to utilize the new IoT technology. See tour dates @ http://www.freescale.com/IoT/Tour
ARM CEO Simon Segars on Freescale's Internet of Tomorrow Tour #IoT #DrivingIoT
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 11:43 - 6,346 views
ARM technology is central to the Internet of Things, making ARM TechCon an ideal venue to launch the Freescale Internet of Tomorrow Tour, a rolling Internet of Things roadshow. The 20,000-mile tour launches a long-term initiative to help spark new ideas and bring the building blocks of IoT directly to the creative minds and companies that are making the IoT a reality. In this video, ARM CEO Simon Segars shares his perspective with John Dixon, Freescale's Director of Corporate Marketing, on the second floor of the three-story full-sized, fully mobile semi-truck trailer that houses the Internet of Tomorrow technology showcase. The vehicle includes a broad array of cutting edge IoT products, solutions and reference designs, including telepresence robots, data aggregators, advanced driver systems, wearables, next-generation networking gear and myoelectric gesture recognition technology. The tour will continue in the western United States, visiting customer sites, universities, on-site training sessions and local tech events. Visit http://freescale.com/IoT/Tour to find out where the IoT Tour is heading next.
Energy Harvesting Linear Tech on the IoT Tour
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 10:41 - 7,709 views
Linear Technology joins Freescale as a sponsor for the Internet of Tomorrow Tour. With connected devices consuming more energy, how do we keep those devices powered without using the grid? Morgan from Linear Technology shows how renewable energy can be used to power a Freescale chip via a solar panel and a Linear board. Linear Technology manufactures a wide range of ultra-low power ICs targeted for energy harvesting applications. Its robust and proven analog solutions support Freescale QorIQ and i.MX processors, as well as Kinetis microcontrollers. See tour dates @ http://freescale.com/IoT/Tour Get more information on Energy Harvesting solutions from Linear Technologies @ http://www.linear.com/products/energy_harvesting
Driving Innovation with Secure Automotive / Green Hills Software / #IoTtour #DrivingIoT
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 10:39 - 6,184 views
In our connected world, we expect our devices to control everything, including our cars. With more and more system consolidation happening, that connectivity is conflicting with automotive safety. Using Integrity RTOS, Green Hills Software shows that you can have a rich infotainment experience without compromising safety. Explore Green Hills Software's security solutions on the Internet of Tomorrow Tour. See our next stop @ http://freescale.com/IoT/Tour
Target is no target with Secure IoT / Green Hills Software / #DrivingIoT #IoTtour
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 10:37 - 5,661 views
Were you one of the millions affected by the compromised credit card readers? Edward Richards, Senior FAE at Green Hills Software, shows how a secure foundation could have blocked the hack. Watch as Green Hills and Freescale recreate the scenario, but this time with Green Hills' Integrity RTOS, separating credit card information from the payment experience. You can see this security demo on Freescale's Internet of Tomorrow Tour. Visit http://iot.freescale.com/ to find out the next stop!
Introducing the QorIQ LS1 Processor Family
by Freescale - 2014-10-21 10:33 - 8,048 views
The QorIQ LS1 family, which includes the LS1021A and LS1024A communications processors, are built on Layerscape architecture, the industry's first software-aware, core-agnostic networking architecture to offer unprecedented efficiency and scale. Watch this video to learn how we’ve optimized the ARM-based QorIQ LS1 family to offer high efficiency, leading integration and a broad array of high-speed interconnects for power-constrained applications.

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