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Instrumentation: Test and Measurement Methods and Solutions
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 11:19 - 3,419 views
Tilt Measurement: Tilt measurement is fast becoming a fundamental analysis tool in many fields including automotive, industrial, and healthcare. Navigation, vehicle dynamic control, building sway indication, and motion detection systems all rely on this simple, cheap, and precise way of angle monitoring. MEMS accelerometers are better suited to inclination measurement than other methodologies. This session will address the challenges encountered when designing a dualaxis tilt sensor using a MEMS accelerometer including measurement resolution, signal conditioning, single- vs. dual-axis, angle computation, and calibration. Impedance Measurement: The measurement of complex impedance is widely used across industrial, commercial, automotive, healthcare , and consumer markets, and can include applications such as proximity sensing, inductive transducers, metallurgy and corrosion detection, loudspeaker impedance, biomedical, virus detection, blood coagulation factor, and network impedance analysis. This session will cover the concepts, approaches, and challenges of performing complex impedance measurements and will present a system-level solution f...
Data Conversion: Hard Problems Made Easy
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 11:17 - 3,926 views
Data conversion for data acquisition is a two-part process that involves sampling and then converting signals into digital venues. These processes inherently remove part of the complete analog signal in exchange for the power and robustness of digital signal handling. This becomes especially difficult when trying to capture signals at the limits of the resolution and speed of our systems. In this session, learn how to design a data conversion. Presented by: Hank Zumbahlen, Senior Staff Applications Engineer
High Speed Data Connectivity: More Than Hardware
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 11:16 - 3,273 views
In wireless communications and data acquisition systems, there is more to consider when designing and implementing a complete solution beyond simply physically connecting a high speed analog module to an FPGA platform. Available hardware description language (HDL) components and software are critical to establishing an interface, which is necessary for practical system integration. This session starts with a top-level overview of various physical interfaces that are typically used and provides an in-depth focus on high speed serial JESD204B. Prototype HDL used for these types of boards is covered, along with the specific board components and how they are used to interface to high speed ADCs and DACs. Linux device drivers for the HDL components, as well as for the ADI components, are presented. This includes a short introduction into the Industrial I/O (IIO) framework, the benefits it offers, and how it can be used in end designs. Presented by: Michael Hennerich, Systems Engineering Manager
High Performance DSP with Xilinx All Programmable Devices
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 11:13 - 3,511 views
This session includes a discussion on rapid prototyping concepts using Xilinx All Programmable FPGAs and SoCs with Analog Devices high speed and precision products. Covered in this session will be common use cases for Xilinx devices in DSP applications that interface to high speed analog. An overview will be provided of how Xilinx accelerates development with DSP platforms that can be used to quickly evaluate and prototype systems that include high speed analog, programmable logic, and embedded processing. Also covered will be an introduction to Xilinx's new Vivado™ Design Suite development environment that shortens design cycles by providing an IP centric design flow, easy to use design analysis and debug, and high level design flows supporting C/C++ and MATLAB/Simulink. Presented by: Tom Hill, Senior Manager DSP Solutions
Instrumentation: Liquid and Gas Sensing
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 11:11 - 3,847 views
This session focuses on liquid and gas sensing in instrumentation applications. Liquid Sensing: Visible light absorption spectroscopy and colorimetry are two fundamental tools used in chemical analysis. Most of these light-based systems use photodiodes as the light sensor, and require similar high input impedance signal chains. This session examines the different components of a photodiode amplifier signal chain, including a programmable gain transimpedance amplifier, a hardware lock-in amplifier, and a Σ-Δ ADC that can measure a sample and reference channel to greatly reduce any measurement error due to variations in intensity of the light source. Gas Sensing: Many industrial processes involve toxic compounds, and it is important to know when dangerous concentrations exist. Electrochemical sensors offer several advantages for instruments that detect or measure the concentration of toxic gases. This session will describe a portable toxic gas detector using an electrochemical sensor. The system presented here includes a potentiostat circuit to drive the sensor, as well as a transimpedance amplifier to take the very small output cu...
MATLAB and Simulink for Communications System Design
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 11:10 - 2,798 views
This session will show how Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink can be used to model, simulate, and implement communications systems. Attendees will learn how multidomain modeling with continuous verification and automatic code generation can dramatically reduce system design time. A QPSK receiver model will be used as an example to highlight the design flow. Presented by: Noam Levine, Partner Manager
High Speed and RF Design Considerations
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 11:05 - 3,221 views
At very high frequencies, every trace and pin is an RF emitter and receiver. If careful design practices are not followed, the unwanted signals can easily mask those a designer is trying to handle. The design choices begin at the architecture level and extend down to submillimeter placement of traces. There are tried and proven techniques for managing this process. The practical issues of real system design are covered in this session, along with ways to minimize signal degradation in the RF environment. Presented by: Zoltan Frasch, Senior Applications Engineer
Signal Chain Designer: A New Way to Design Online
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 11:03 - 3,191 views
Finding the right combination of parts to create a signal chain can be a complex and daunting task, due to time demands, unfamiliarity with various technology areas, and the enormous amount of unproven solutions scattered across the Web. Signal Chain Designer is an intelligent selection and design tool that accesses verified product combinations and applications circuits, which can be customized or newly created according to user specifications. The Signal Chain Designer experience is supported by direct access to online EE design tools, evaluation hardware, software, documentation, and ADI Circuits from the Lab® reference circuits. Presented by: George Clernon, Engineering Tools Manager
Sensors for Low Level Signal Acquisition
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 10:59 - 3,533 views
Sensors are the eyes, ears, and hands of electronic systems and allow them to capture the state of the environment. The capture and processing of sensor inputs is a delicate process that requires understanding of the signal details. Integration of sensor functions onto silicon has brought about improved performance, better signal handling, and lower total system cost. MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) sensors have opened up entire new areas and applications. In this session, the fundamental MEMS sensor concept of moving fingers that form a variable capacitor is covered, along with how it is turned into a usable motion signal. Adaptations for multiaccess sensing, rotational sensing, and even sound sensing, along with concepts of how these devices are tested and calibrated, are covered. Presented by: Dave Kress, Director of Technical Marketing, and Nitzan Gadish, Product Applications Engineer
Integrated Software-Defined Radio (SDR)
by AnalogDevice - 2014-03-06 10:58 - 3,462 views
This session combines the high speed analog signal chain from RF to baseband with FPGA-based digital signal processing for wireless communications. Topics include the high speed analog signal chain, direct conversion radio architecture, the high speed data converter interface, and FPGA-based digital signal processing for software-defined radio. The demo board uses the latest generation of Analog Devices' high speed data converters, RF, and clocking devices, along with the Xilinx Zynq-7000 SoC. Other topics of discussion include the imperfections introduced by the modulator/demodulator with particular focus on the effect of temperature and frequency changes. In-factory and in-field algorithms that reduce the effect of these imperfections, with particular emphasis on the efficacy of n-factory set-and-forget algorithms, are examined. Presented by: Robin Getz, Engineering Manager for ADI Global Alliances

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