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Daily News
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16-Channel, 16-/12-bit Voltage Output DACs in a tiny 6mm x 6mm Package
by ARROW - 2014-07-31 13:55 - 3,379 views
General-purpose DACs address a wide range of applications including instrumentation, industrial control, and setting voltages and currents in all manner of analog circuits. In this video, we demonstrate the 16-/12-bit LTC2668, a 16-channel, voltage output DAC with five software-programmable (SoftSpan™) or pin-configurable output voltage ranges up to ±10V. Each output span is independently selectable per channel, with full 16-bit resolution at all spans. All spans are derived from an internal 2.5V, 10ppm/°C (max) reference. Additional features include an internal 16:1 analog multiplexer for calibration or monitoring circuit integrity, and a toggle function that allows the DAC to quickly toggle between two DAC codes. The Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) has a separate supply pin, allowing a direct interface to 1.8V FPGAs, 5V microcontrollers, or any logic voltage between. The demo board is compatible with Linear Technology's Linduino™ microcontroller platform, with C libraries provided to greatly speed up firmware development. Learn more: http://www.linear.com/product/LTC2668 Order now on Arrow.com: http://parts.arrow.com/item/detail/linear...
Active Clamp Synchronous Forward Controllers
by ARROW - 2014-07-31 13:54 - 4,936 views
The LT3752, LT3752‑1 and LT3753 are active clamp forward controllers that minimize external component count, solution size and cost. Two of these controllers, the LT3752 and LT3753, are designed for inputs up to 100V. The LT3752-1 is designed for applications with input voltages greater than 100V, suitable for HV car battery and offline isolated power supplies, industrial, automotive and military systems. The LT3752, LT3752-1 and LT3753 simplify the design and improve performance to isolated power supplies with a volt-second clamp architecture that produces accurate regulation. An integrated flyback controller can be used to produce a housekeeping supply, simplifying the magnetics. Additional features include programmable overcurrent protection, adjustable input undervoltage and overvoltage lockout, programmable turn-on current spike blanking and programmable delays between various gate signals. Learn more: http://www.linear.com/product/LT3752 Order now from Arrow.com: http://parts.arrow.com/item/search/#st=lt3752;repgEc


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